Introducing 10Gb residential XMission Fiber connections

If you qualify for a residential connection, you now also qualify for 10Gb service! Before you purchase this revolutionary connection, we want to tell you the full story.

So, you want 10 gigabit…

As you probably guessed, having a 10Gb connection means you have one of the fastest residential connections available in America. However, it also means that you might run into some restrictions, because sometimes the Internet literally cannot keep up with that kind of speed.

The price tag

XMission will provide you with a 10 gigabit (download and upload) residential connection on UTOPIA for $250/month plus UTOPIA fees. UTOPIA requires a 12-month contract.

Let’s talk about hardware

Currently, you won’t easily find a non-commercial router that can handle 10Gb upload and download speeds. To achieve the best possible speeds, you’ll want to optimize both your router and your home networking equipment.

10Gb XMission Internet over UTOPIA Fiber will require the following network components:

  • An OM3 or OM4 grade Multimode Duplex LC Jumper to connect between your equipment and UTOPIA’s switch.
  • A 10GBase-SR optic for your equipment. 10GBASE-T connections are not available for this product.
  • A switch/router capable of providing a 10G connection.

UTOPIA and XMission have evaluated the market for consumer grade routers capable of handling these speeds. Solutions that have performed acceptably on our network come from MikroTik and ASUS.

Speeds you might actually see

In a lab testing, UTOPIA could reliably reach between 3Gb and 5Gb on However, as hardware and software continue to improve over time, customers may obtain better results.

Are you still all in?

As you can see, XMission and UTOPIA have brought you a cutting-edge connection, and we want you to feel confident when you purchase this product.

With 10Gb, you can:

  • Have multiple simultaneous gigabit downloads going
  • Lower your latency to an indistinguishable amount
  • Stream your heart out
  • Maintain bragging rights that you have the fastest residential connection in America!

Too much for you? Don’t forget that we have other UTOPIA speeds if you need less than 10 gigabit.

Please contact our sales team today to learn more and to decide if this product will meet your needs!

Voice for $15/mo.
Clear home phone service
  • Unlimited domestic long-distance
  • All major features included
  • Keep your phone number
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Data and voice service over fiber optics. For home or business. Available in areas of Select Utah Cities.
UTOPIA Fiber is available in:
  • Brigham City
  • Cedar Hills
  • Centerville
  • Clearfield
  • Layton
  • Lindon
  • Midvale
  • Morgan City
  • Murray
  • Orem
  • Payson
  • Perry
  • Pleasant Grove
  • Santa Clara
  • Syracuse
  • Tremonton
  • West Haven
  • West Point
  • West Valley
  • Woodland Hills