Short-term and strategic consulting from top industry experts.

With decades of experience, XMission delivers proven, solid technical consultation to businesses of every size.

Get a consultation bid today!
Basic phone-based consultation $125 per hour
Basic on-site consultation $175 per hour
Advanced phone-based consultation $250 per hour
Advanced on-site consultation $300 per hour

Our team becomes your team

We provide affordable, honest guidance to small businesses without an existing IT department; plus, we supplement existing IT teams with advanced technical expertise and support.

You won’t have to bring us up-to-speed

Our consultants keep up with the latest technological innovations and information—feel free to throw anything at us!

If we lack the time or necessary expertise to solve your particular problem, XMission will provide recommendations for trusted third-party vendors.

Solid solutions for today and tomorrow.

XMission offers both phone-based and on-site consulting services. We can provide assistance with short-term projects, or broader strategic direction.

As an advocate of open-source solutions, our consultants will present you with a variety of cost-effective, creative options, not simply the easiest or trendiest.

Getting started

To begin, one of our technical support representatives will speak with you about your challenges. Once they have evaluated the scope of your requirements, they can provide you with additional assistance, or escalate your discussion to a senior administrator.

In many situations, XMission can provide brief (under 15 minutes) initial consultations for free.