Which router is right for your home?

Poorly placed or incompatible routers can drastically reduce wireless speeds, resulting in customer frustration and dissatisfaction. After all, who wants to receive lower speeds than they pay for?

Let’s determine what router will best suit your needs.

Tell us about your house!

Smaller homes

XMission has a great solution for customers in homes up to 1800 square feet: a fully-managed XMission AX1801 router that we pre-configure and support for you.

AX1801 specs

Larger homes

For customers in homes larger than 1800 square feet, we have some recommendations to help you get as close to promised speeds as possible.

If you want to use XMission’s managed router in a home larger than 1800 square feet, we recommend purchasing one or more eero devices, depending on the size of your home, to use with the router for WiFi range extension. In this WiFi mesh configuration XMission can help you use the extender(s) to link with your router to greatly improve your WiFi reach and performance.

Tips for optimal router performance

Check all Ethernet and power cables

Loose cables can derail your speeds and performance. Before moving your router or purchasing new hardware, give your cables a once-over and adjust any poor connections.

Upgrade your Ethernet cables

After upgrading your Internet connection, double check your Ethernet cables to ensure that they can handle faster speeds. Try upgrading your Ethernet cables before investing in a new router to resolve any bottlenecks. Gigabit connections require a minimum of Cat 5e. As well, over time cabling can fail so replace old ethernet cables when needed.

Locate your router in a central location

To optimize wireless performance, please place your router as close to the center of your home as possible. Please keep your router away from exterior walls and avoid placing it in your home’s basement.

Place your router in a well-ventilated area free of interference

When determining the best location for your router, please avoid: Large metal objects (e.g., your furnace, televisions, etc.) Devices that emit a radio frequency Microwaves Cordless phones Heated surfaces

Check your router’s airflow and clear all vents to ensure that it does not overheat.

Change your wireless channel

If you live in an area with multiple wireless devices (e.g., an apartment complex), you may want to change your router’s wireless channel to one less used to eliminate interference.

Check your firmware

To resolve stability and security issues that can affect speeds, you may need to upgrade your router’s firmware. If you are using our supplied router, please contact XMission support and we can walk you through this process. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer for assistance.