We love our employees!

XMission has a talented staff that feels passionately about technology and that enjoys finding solutions for customers. Our employees—some of whom have worked for XMission for over two decades—appreciate XMission’s culture which facilitates professional growth, personal satisfaction, and excellent work-life balance.

Fair compensation

“They don’t just tell you they appreciate you, they show it by offering great pay and benefits as well as bonuses and opportunities for advancement.”
XMission pays competitive starting wages with regular cost-of-living adjustments and bonuses. Employees may receive additional wage increases based on performance.

Fully-funded health insurance

“I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to take care of my insurance or dental work. I love XMission!”
XMission pays 100% of all gold-level health insurance premiums for employees and their families. We also offer a generous dental program and fully fund life and ADD insurance for all employees. Additionally, XMission pays for either public transportation or downtown Salt Lake city parking for all employees.

Opportunity to learn valuable, new skills

“This isn’t a place where you have a job—this is the place where you start your career.”
An employee once described XMission as “Hogwarts for techs.” Many of our former techs and administrators now work for some of the most successful technology companies in the world utilizing skills they learned at XMission. In addition to applying valuable customer service and communications skills, our techs have hands-on access to the most diverse network in Utah, a state-of-the-art data center, open source software, and various types of hardware.

Job flexibility

“I’m able to have a great work/life balance which is incredibly important to me.”
Because we operate 24/7, we can accommodate most scheduling preferences. When possible, many of our employees work remotely at least part-time from anywhere they choose. We only care that our employees meet their work requirements and that they continue to provide exceptional support and customer service to our clients.


“I love the things that XMission does for its employees, from bonuses to parties thrown for us. It’s actually fun working amongst this amazing group of coworkers.”
As often as we can, XMission passes along additional benefits to employees, including annual company summer picnics, formal winter parties, in-office contests, tickets to festivals, events, and concerts, lodging discounts, and much more.


“I can tell customers what is going on and what we are doing to fix it.”
Rather than micromanage employees, XMission encourages self-directed work and independent thought among employees. We want employees to feel comfortable being honest and forthright with our customers and to help them without a manager telling them to do so.

Healthy work environment

“We are like a family. Everyone here at XMission cares about each other and we just want to see each other succeed.”
XMission employees enjoy supporting each other professionally and treat each other with respect at all times. Because they feel supported within the company, our employees can extend the same care to our customers.


“For the first time ever, I work at a place that values me as an entire person, and not just as a tool to generate revenue.”
XMission has a diverse and exceptional staff, with unique perspectives and talents. We value all employees as individuals and know that they will perform well as a cohesive team to care for our customers.

Emotional support

“At any moment of the day, you feel like you are heard, valued, and understood by your equals all the way up to the CEO.”
XMission recognizes that employees can face good and bad days, both personally and professionally. Our management team works with every employee to make sure that they have the tools they need in the office and at home to do their job well.


“For the first time in a long time, I am proud of where I work and what I do.”
XMission believes in more than the bottom line. We support our local community and advocate for causes that matter to our employees and customers. As a result, our employees can feel like they are making a difference and that their work matters.