A Case Study

USANA Health Sciences ( is a global leader in health and nutrition. USANA develops and distributes high-quality nutritional supplements, weight-management products, and personal care products through its international marketing network.

Founded in 1992 by Myron Wentz, Ph.D., USANA quickly grew by offering breakthrough approaches to nutritional wellness. With Associates all over the world, USANA required a stable communications platform that allowed Associates to email, manage contact list, and schedule appointments.

Initially, USANA managed a webmail system in house, which it quickly outgrew. According to Rick Wilson, Director of Online Sales, “We had too much overhead and had limitations trying to manage functionality like blacklisting. Plus, we had bandwidth limitations.”

Then, Rick turned to XMission. “I had worked with XMission in the past, and when I heard about their Zimbra platform, I realized that it would be a great match.” XMission provided a large-scale, highly-customized email solution, powered by Zimbra, for thousands of USANA associates. XMission even implemented a Zimlet that handles CRM tasks specific to USANA.

“Choosing XMission as our email solution provider continues to prove itself as the right decision for USANA’s customer needs. The Zimbra suite has proven to be very flexible and robust. Coupled with XMission’s best-in-class customer service, proven reliablity, and very competitive pricing, we couldn’t find a better solution from a better vendor, even if we wanted to,” said Wilson. “We feel like we have a partner that cares.”

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