Broadband Facts

Fixed broadband consumer disclosure
Choose Your Service Data Plan for 250Mpbs Service Tier
Monthly charge for month-to-month plan $67.00
Monthly charge for 2 year contract $55.00
Other Charges and Terms
Data included with monthly charge Unlimited
Charges for additional data usage $0
Optional modem or gateway lease – Customers may use their own modem or gateway, Click here for our policy. $10.00/month
Other monthly fees Not Applicable
One-time fees
Activation fee $0
Deposit $0
Installation fee $0
Early termination fee $0
Government Taxes and Other Fees $0
Other services on network
Performance · Individual experience may vary
Typical speed downstream 940 Mb
Typical speed upstream 940 Mb
Typical latentcy >10 ms
Network Management
Application-specific network management practices? No
Subscriber-triggered network management practicies? No
More details on network management
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Complaints or Inquiries

To contact us: · 877-XMISSION

To submit complaints to the FCC:
online · 888-225-5322
Learn more about the terms and conditions used on this form and other relevant information at the FCC’s website