Thank you for subscribing to XWi Home. Please read the following information to set up your XWi Home service.

Step 1: Router setup

With new service: If you ordered XWi Home with a new XMission Fiber service, the installation team will also connect your router once they have completed your fiber installation.

For self-installation: Your new XWi Home router will replace your current router. Using the blue Ethernet cable included in your router box, plug into the WAN port on your XWi router and into port 1 on the XMission Access Portal (Lehi customers: Plug into the port on the XMission Access Portal). The Access Portal looks like a small box, located close to the area where XMission Fiber comes into your home. Once you have connected your router, you should have an Internet connection. If you require a wireless setup, the default wireless name, labeled “SSID”, is located on the bottom of your router. Your password is labeled “WPA Key”.


Step 2: App setup

Download the XWi Home app from the  Apple App Store  or  Google Play Store
After downloading the XWi app, sign up for an XWi account with the same email you gave XMission when you originally signed up for XMission service. Then, select a unique password for XWi. Next, follow the prompts to log in to your XWi account. Select “My Router is already set up” and follow the instructions on your screen.

With the XWi Home app, you can do the following:

  • Take complete control of your home Internet experience and manage security
  • Set-up guest networks for visitors and adjust bandwidth prioritization
  • Change your SSID and network passwords (recommended)
  • Set-up robust parental controls, including time limits on apps, monitoring, and content restrictions
  • Review devices connecting to your network for any suspicious activity or unnecessary usage
  • Run speed tests on the router to accurately confirm your upstream connection
  • Secure your home network to automatically protect you from viruses, intrusions, and threats

Step 3: Please contact support if you need assistance!

XMission support will happily assist you with any questions or concerns, day or night. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

How to contact XMission Support:

By phone:
Online support center: